25 Totally Not-Lame Virtual Team Building Activities

In today's digital age, remote work has become increasingly common, making it all the more crucial to maintain team unity and foster connections in virtual settings. Team building is a timeless way to boost morale, improve team dynamics, and just have some fun. But let's face it; not all virtual team building activities are created equal. Some can feel forced, awkward, or just plain lame. To keep things fresh and engaging, here are 25 virtual team building activities that your team will genuinely enjoy.

1. Virtual Escape Rooms

Much like their real-world counterparts, virtual escape rooms offer puzzles, clues, and mysteries, all delivered through a digital platform. Teams collaborate to decipher codes, find hidden objects, and unravel the story—all against the clock. It's a fantastic way to hone problem-solving skills and team synergy.

2. Virtual Candle Making Classes

Tap into your team's creative side with virtual candle making classes. These workshops can guide participants through choosing fragrances, understanding the different types of waxes, and mastering the pouring technique—all from the comfort of their homes using kits sent to them. As a bonus, everyone gets a handmade candle as a keepsake! MiGi Cera offers both virtual as well as in-person candle making workshops and classes.

3. Online Trivia Nights

Who doesn't love a good trivia challenge? Platforms like Kahoot or QuizUp allow you to customize your quizzes or use pre-made ones. Categories can range from general knowledge to industry-specific topics. It's a fun, competitive way to test knowledge and learn something new.

4. Virtual Cook-Along Sessions

Pick a recipe, send out the ingredient list in advance, and get everyone cooking together. Whether it's a main dish, a dessert, or a cocktail, seeing your colleagues try their hand at cooking can be both entertaining and bonding.

5. Remote Karaoke Sessions

Unleash the inner divas of your team with a virtual karaoke party. Using apps like Smule or Karafun, team members can belt out their favorite tunes and perhaps discover hidden talents among their colleagues.

6. Online Book Clubs

For teams that love to read, setting up a monthly book club can be a thoughtful way to engage. Discuss plot twists, character developments, and personal interpretations, fostering deeper conversations and insights.

7. Virtual Fitness Challenges

Whether it's a daily step challenge, a yoga session, or a dance-off, keeping fit together can be both fun and beneficial for wellness. Apps like MyFitnessPal or Fitbit can help track and motivate team members.

8. Remote Art and Craft Workshops

From painting to jewelry making, offer a range of craft workshops that cater to different interests. It's a calming way to introduce relaxation and creativity into your team's routine.

9. Virtual Board Games

Platforms like Tabletopia or Board Game Arena offer a plethora of board games that can be played online. From strategy games to classics, there's something for everyone.

10. Virtual Coffee Breaks

Schedule a daily or weekly short break where team members can grab their favorite beverage and just chat—about work, life, or anything under the sun.

11. Virtual Mystery Murder Party

Platforms like Zoom or Microsoft Teams can be used to enact a gripping murder mystery where team members play different characters. Who done it? It's a game of sleuthing and storytelling!

12. Remote DIY Challenge

Give a DIY challenge such as building a desk organizer using household items or creating a pen holder from recyclable materials. It's all about creativity and resourcefulness.

13. Virtual Wine or Coffee Tasting

Send out samplers or encourage team members to get their own, and host a tasting session. Discuss flavor notes, preferences, and learn something new about beverages.

14. Online Pictionary or Charades

Using virtual whiteboards or just the video call platform, teams can play rounds of Pictionary or Charades, ensuring plenty of laughs and fun.

15. Virtual House Tours

A fun, informal way for team members to showcase a bit of their personal space. It can be as elaborate as a house tour or as simple as showing off a favorite corner of their room.

16. Remote Gardening Club

Share updates on houseplants, give tips on nurturing that kitchen garden, or even pot a plant together during a call. It's a green, serene way to connect.

17. Online Meditation and Relaxation Sessions

A mindfulness coach or a guided meditation video can help teams relax, destress, and find their inner calm together.

18. Virtual Costume or Theme Days

From crazy hat days to favorite movie characters, having themed virtual meetings once in a while can add a splash of fun and color to the workday.

19. Remote Language Learning Lunches

Pick a language and learn together. Have lunch sessions where everyone tries basic phrases or even just greetings. ¡Hola! ¿Cómo estás?

20. Virtual Pet Parade

A fun break where team members can introduce their pets, share cute quirks, or even have a mini 'talent' show for the furry (or scaly or feathery) friends.

21. Online Magic Tricks Session

Hire a magician or let team members showcase simple magic tricks. It’s bound to add some magic to the mundane.

22. Remote Cultural Exchange

Let team members from different cultural backgrounds share about their traditions, festivals, or even prepare a local dish. It's a beautiful way to celebrate diversity and learn about the world.

23. Digital Scavenger Hunts

Using apps or just simple lists, create a series of items or tasks that employees need to find or do. It can be as simple as finding an odd item in their house or as challenging as performing a mini task.

24. Personal Talent Show

Let team members showcase their unique talents, whether it's juggling, playing a musical instrument, or reciting poetry. It’s a fun way to get to know the hidden talents within your team.

25. Virtual Vision Board Creation

Using platforms like Pinterest or Canva, teams can collaborate to create vision boards, sharing aspirations, inspirations, and future goals. It’s a visually engaging way to align and understand team motivations.

Building Virtually Strong Foundations: Concluding Thoughts

The shift to remote work presents challenges, but with a little creativity, it also offers numerous opportunities for teams to bond in new and engaging ways. These virtual team building activities not only enhance collaboration and camaraderie but also introduce a sense of fun, breaking the monotony of daily work routines. In the end, it’s about keeping the human connection alive, even when screens separate us. So, go ahead and dive into these activities, and watch your virtual team thrive!

Of course, as we offer remote (and in-person if you’re in the Bay Area or San Jose) candle making workshops, we’re a little biased about which activity you should choose. They’re fun, we promise!

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