MiGi Cera Candles Releases a New Post-Workout Spray!

This is an exciting week here at MiGi — not just because of our event coming up on Thursday 8-8 — but because we recently developed a new product we know you’ll love!

Before we get into it, we want to extend an official welcome and invitation to our event this Thursday at the Taylor Street Night Market in San Jose (more information below.) We know you’ll love to smell all the new coconut wax candle scents and try out our new product.

There’s also a special gift for our email subscribers at the event. So sign up and show up for some free swag!

Homemade MiGi Post-Workout Spray

Here’s the thing: nobody likes that post-workout smelly funk that lingers around until we make our way to the shower.

And even if you shower just seconds after your workout, you are most likely still excreting oils and sweat due to all of that healthy physical exertion. Many women even report an increase of acne after exercising — so let’s cut down post-workout bacteria ASAP.

That’s why we decided to formulate a refreshing and cleansing Post-Workout Cleansing Spray! 

This Migi cleansing spray is specially formulated with organic ingredients, essential oils, and witch hazel, that will freshen you up, kill unwanted acne-causing bacteria, and leave you feeling fresh and ready to take on the world.

We know you love our MiGi body butter “Piel Suave,” so we hope you will be as excited about our post-workout cleansing spray in San Jose as we are.

MiGi Upcoming Events

Nobody wants to buy a candle without smelling it first, right? So don’t take our word for it when we say our candles smell amazing, come and smell them yourself!

Coconut wax candles are known for their amazing scent “throw” — meaning that leaving your candle on for just a couple minutes can completely fill a house with one of our delicious candle scents

We’re proud of our candles, so we have no doubt you’ll love them too. Come and see us at the Taylor Street Night Market on Thursday 8-8. If you can’t make it, take a look at our full events schedule below:

  • Thursday, August 8th: Taylor Street Night Market - 357 E.Taylor Street, San Jose Ca 95112 (rear of Gordon Biersch Brewing Company)

  • Saturday, August 17th: Makers Market “Los Gatos” (Address: Old Town Los Gatos 50 University Ave Los Gatos, Ca 95030)

  • Saturday, September 21st: Salsa Festival of Redwood City (Address: Courthouse Square, Redwood City, Ca, 94063)

  • Saturday, October 19th: Makers Market “Los Gatos” (Address: Old Town Los Gatos 50 University Ave Los Gatos, Ca 95030)

Special Gift Announcement

Subscribers Get a Free Tea Light Set When They Show up to Our Booth This Thursday at The Taylor Street Night Market.

That's right! a free tea light set of your choosing (While supplies last!)

Here's what you have to do:

  • Subscribe to our mailing list (Forward this email to your friends!)
  • Show up to the MiGi Candles booth this Thursday from 5 pm - 9 pm.
  • Tell us you're a subscriber
  • Profit!

That's it. No purchase necessary. All you have to do is choose the scent you want! Why not browse through our store to see what you'd like to smell when you show up?

So, come smell the scents, touch the ceramics (but don't drop them!), and find your home's new centerpiece.

Remember, if your ceramic candle runs out of wax, bring it back to us and we will refill it for you! Your newly filled candle will be a whopping 50% off. That's right! half off candle refills! Read more about our candle recycling program here!



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