New Post-Workout Spray!


Hand made MiGi Post-Workout Spray- Works great as a Primer too!


Looking for an all natural primer? Looking for a non toxic hydration spray? Look no further! This spray has a hints of high quality essential oils that smell great and detox the skin after a workout.

Right after your workout, you are most likely still excreting oils and sweat due to all of that healthy physical exertion. Many women even report an increase of acne after exercising — so let’s cut down post-workout bacteria ASAP.

That’s why we decided to formulate a refreshing and cleansing Post-Workout Cleansing Spray! 

This Migi cleansing spray is specially formulated with organic ingredients, essential oils, and witch hazel, that will freshen you up, kill unwanted acne-causing bacteria, and leave you feeling fresh and ready to take on the world.

We know you love our MiGi body butter “Piel Suave,” so we hope you will be as excited about our post-workout cleansing spray in San Jose as we are.

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