What is Candle Scent Throw?

There is nothing more frustrating than spending a good chunk of your hard earned cash on a fancy candle that you can barely smell. Your new candle has what is known as a poor “scent throw” and for inexperienced buyers, this is a common occurrence. 

The term scent (or fragrance) “throw” is used to describe how well a candle distributes its intended smell. What a lot of people don’t understand is that not all candles are created equal. The waxes and ingredients that a manufacturer chooses to use play a HUGE part in how long a candle lasts and how far its scent travels. In this article, we will go into detail on what to look for when buying a candle to give you the best overall experience and bang for your buck.

Cold Scent Throw

It is important to understand that each candle has both a hot and cold scent throw. This means that the smell that a candle gives off when it is not lit can be just as important when purchasing a candle as the aroma it gives off when it is burning. A good cold scent throw is the primary factor that we consider when purchasing a new candle. When you go to a store to buy one, you don't bring a lighter or matches and light each candle to see how its smells, do you? No! You see how it smells cold. A good cold scent throw can be a great indicator of how your candle will smell when you light it. However just because a candle smells good in the store doesn't mean it will fill your home with the same pleasing aroma. 

While you are shopping, hold the candle about arms length away from your nose. Can you still smell the fragrance that the candle gives off? If so, chances are you've found a good one! These kinds of candles are the ones that will fill a room with a sweet fragrance. 


The ingredients in a candle can either make or break its scent properties. One of the most important components that determine how far a candle throws scent is the type of wax used. 

Parrafin wax is hands down the most commonly used in candle production. This petroleum-based wax is inexpensive to produce and throws scent extremely well. However, paraffin is a product of the oil industry and often contains many toxic chemicals that you really don't want in the air you breathe.

Another popular choice for candles is soy wax. Unlike paraffin, soy wax is a natural product, so you don't have to worry about inhaling any of those nasty toxins while your candle is burning. While they do throw scent well, many avid candle enthusiasts report that soy wax candles don't do so as well as paraffin or other waxes.

Coconut wax is the perfect blend of the two above mentioned wax types. It is praised for its ability to distribute fragrance as well as, if not better than paraffin wax, with the added benefit of being an all-natural, chemical-free product. This makes coconut the wax of choice for Migi Cera Candle Co.

The Proper Wick

Even though the wick is the smallest component of a candle, it can have the biggest impact on how well a candle throws the scent. Material and size of the wick all play a vital roll in how well a candle functions.

A small wick will create a small burn pool, which won't allow the candle to give off smell effectively. On the other hand, larger wicks burn at higher temperatures that can actually burn off the scent, leading to poor throw.

Look for cotton wound wicks or ones made of tightly wrapped paper. These also help to keep the flame at optimum size and temperature.

A proper wick should create a burn pool between a quarter and a half inch deep. This will ensure that your candle gives off the appropriate amount of fragrance and won't burn through the wax too fast.

A Superior Candle

At Migi Cera Candle Co. we have designed our luxury candles in a way that will give you optimum scent throw and longevity. No matter what scent or design you are looking for, we’ve got something you are sure to love.

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