Why Migi Cera Candle Co. Uses Coconut Wax for Our Candles

Candles have been around for thousands of years and over the years manufacturers have used just about every kind of wax that you can think of. From rice bran to beeswax, there is no shortage of waxes that can be used to make candles. But as with any product, each type of wax has its unique pros and cons.


At Migi Cera Candle Co. We hand pour our luxury candles here in San Jose California using only the finest coconut wax. To fully understand our reasoning for using this amazing material, you first need to understand the science behind what wax is, and how it works.

What is Wax? 

In short, waxes are flammable solids that contain carbon, that when exposed to heat they turn to liquid. The molten wax acts as a fuel source for a candle flame, allowing it to produce heat and light. As the flame continues to burn. The wax is combusted and vaporized into the air.

Coconut Wax Is Safe

This is where coconut wax candles set themselves apart from their counterparts. Many common candle waxes such as paraffin, release carcinogenic soot as well as other toxic chemicals into the air as they burn. This can be harmful for many reasons. Not only can prolonged burning of these types of wax create soot build-up on surfaces of your home, but the toxins that get vaporized into the air end up in the lungs of your pets and family members. 


Studies show that inhaling the fumes released by burning paraffin can have the same effects of smoking cigarettes as well as a direct link to serious illnesses including lung cancer and emphysema. Burning through just a few paraffin candles can pollute the air in your home so much that it could be comparable to the polluted air of a smoggy city.


Coconut wax, on the other hand, burns clean and slowly. This means that Candles from Migi Cera Co. last longer and throw scent better than the aforementioned waxes without putting dangerous chemicals into the air that you breathe.


Coconut wax is superior to other waxes when it comes to sustainability as well.  While beeswax and palm wax are technically “renewable resources”, their fragile nature has made them hard to harvest and cultivate.


In recent years, destructive farming methods of palm products have had a detrimental effect on the local ecosystems in which the trees are found. Its the same story with the bees, and with their declining population, beeswax is becoming less and less popular. Coconuts, on the other hand, grow rather quickly and can be harvested without damaging the trees or the environment that they come from, making them a perfectly ethical source for candle wax. 

Why Buy Migi Cera?

Coconut Wax is one of the best choices for candles. It contains all of the good things that other waxes offer, without any of the negatives. You might say it is a “super-wax”. At Migi Cera Candle Co. We utilize this amazing wax technology to create some of the best luxury candles that money can buy, right here in San Jose. Give one a try and experience the difference that a coconut wax candle can make.

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