About MiGi Cera

Founded and run by Marcelina Castro with the help of her loving family, MiGi Cera Candle Co. is made with love, or as you might see on some of our products “hecho con amor.” Every product, whether it’s candles, body butter, or our essential oil room spray, is made by hand right here in San Jose.

The name “MiGi” (Mee-Jee) comes from a combination of the names of Marcelina’s two beautiful girls, Milah and Giannah (or, Gigi); and “Cera” is the Spanish word for “wax.” (The perfect name for a candle company run out of our very home in my humble opinion)

My family is of Mexican descent, and, living in the excitingly diverse area of California known as the Bay Area, I decided to incorporate my heritage into my candles in the form of scents and their Spanish names. This resulted in a unique scent, candle, and aesthetic. 

It's always my #1 priority to bring A++ quality products to my customers and I am always striving to improve. I want to share memories through smells and one day give you something that will trigger beautiful and fond memories of friends, family, and moments.

Each scent is uniquely blended using high quality fragrance oils and now exclusively use an all- natural coconut wax* along with a cotton or wooden wick.

~Marcelina Castro

*We originally used a soy blend on previous candles. The same soy blend is still used for wax melts.